Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

Is your property home to one or more trees that pose an immediate risk of property damage or personal injury? Are any of those trees too large to be quickly and safely removed through conventional means? Sounds like you need crane-assisted tree removal – which just so happens to be one of Thate’s Tree Service’s specialties.

Our team has already served countless residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal properties throughout Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa for all their crane-assisted tree removal needs. We once removed the largest tree in Blue Earth, MN!

Our cranes are massive yet highly maneuverable, so we are able to easily access trees on properties with awkward slopes and several surrounding buildings. Our team is highly experienced, which is why we are just as capable of removing trees quickly as we are preventing accidents. And thanks to our fleet of trucks and stump grinding equipment, the only remaining evidence that a tree once existed will be the flat, bare patch of ground where it once stood.

We appreciate that crane-assisted tree removal is a large property improvement project. We’re standing by to help you understand the logistics, as well as the reasons why it’s the most cost-effective solution for ridding a property of large and problematic trees. Choose Thate’s and you’ll see that you only stand to gain when we show up with a crane!

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