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Land & Lot Clearing

Your Solution for Tree Removal & Land/Lot Clearing in Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

Mother Nature fills land with obstacles. Thate’s Tree Service removes them – quickly, completely and affordably. Whether you are a homeowner who wants one or two trees to vanish, a contractor who is preparing a lot for construction, or a farmer who plans on increasing his arable land, consider Thate’s your go-to solution for tree removal and land and lot clearing!

Tree Removal
Sometimes healthy trees need to go in order to make room for a new building, road or utility lines. Sometimes unhealthy trees need to go before they can cause extensive property damage or serious bodily harm. Whether you’re making space, promoting greater safety, or simply creating a healthier environment for surrounding vegetation, Thate’s is at your service for all your tree removal needs. We haul felled trees away so our clients don’t have to deal with them, and we perfectly flatten the area where the tree once stood thanks to our high-powered stump grinder.

Land & Lot Clearing
Do you want to open up the land surrounding your home so you can enjoy a better view? Or do you need a patch of land completely cleared and graded so it provides the ideal spot for a new construction project? No matter the scale and scope of the project, our experienced team is available for all your land and lot clearing needs. Our expertly maintained state-of-the-industry equipment makes short work of any parcel of land no matter its current condition!

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