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Regular trimming is essential to promoting healthy growth in all woody plants. Trimming a tree’s branches won’t just help it stay balanced and reduce its risk of toppling over during a storm. It will also enable the tree to focus its energy on maintaining a strong and healthy trunk and root system. Trimming additionally enhances a tree’s overall aesthetics, which is why it is a vital service for any business that wants to make a positive first impression on its guests.

No matter your tree trimming needs – or the type of property you own or manage – Thate’s Tree Service is standing by to exceed your expectations. Our ISA Certified Arborists will instantly identify which of your trees’ branches are sickly, at risk of detachment, or creating a potentially hazardous imbalance. We will leave healthy branches untouched, or remove them in accordance with your vision for your landscape. Our measured approach to tree trimming prevents the risks of property damage and personal injury. And because we respect our clients’ properties, we create minimal intrusion and leave behind zero mess.

Regardless of whether you need trimming for one tree or one thousand, our team is standing by! And if any of your trees ever require expert removal, you already know who to call.

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